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iPTT & POC Two Way Radio Hire

iPTT solves long-range communication issues that are faced by many events and businesses. Whilst traditional walkie talkies have a limited range, many events have users vast distances apart. iPTT offers 97% coverage across the UK.

iPTT doesn't require any infrastructure as it utilisies the mobile network system, so often the hire cost works out cheaper than a conventional two way radio system that requires a repeater system.

Other advantages of iPTT include GPS tracking, call recording, and caller ID. The system is incredibly flexible, offering a great solution for many different client requirements. 

iPTT can be offered as a short or long term hire solution. Our dedicated account managers can assist you in tailoring the system to your exact requirements by discussing the following questions:

  • How many groups/channels do you want?
  • What do you want the groups/channels to be called?
  • Which users should have access to what groups/channels?
  • Do you want any users to have priority (capability to break into conversations)?
  • If you or your customer have any other requirements.


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Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup

A method of instant communications between senior management to ensure the smooth operation of the Park & Ride System for the Ryder Cup staged at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.

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