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⯆ Do I need a licence?

Not always, as a radio provider short term hires are covered under our Licence. If needed we can apply for a special events licence via Ofcom on your behalf.

⯆ Is the equipment simple to use?

Yes, very easy. We can also provide a user guide, how to sheet, and more in depth instructions depending upon the type of system you are hiring.

⯆ How far do the radios work?

Working radio to radio, up to 1 ½ miles in line of sight. In built up areas/inside buildings this distance is reduced. We can make systems work further afield with repeaters/other technology. If you are unsure of coverage we can arrange a trial at the venue.

⯆ How long do the batteries last?

Under normal conditions between 8-12 hours, with a recharge time of 1-2 hours. Not long enough? We can provide spare batteries.

⯆ Do you number / name the radios?

Yes, if you provide a contact list we will label the radios and the chargers if required.

⯆ Do you offer delivery and collection?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere in the UK via our courier, and if the address is local we can deliver in person or you are more than welcome to call in to our office.

⯆ Can the equipment be used anywhere in the UK?

Yes, our Licence will allow you to use our equipment anywhere in the UK.

⯆ Can the equipment be used outside of the UK?

No, you would require a Licence from the Country you are using them in. We can assist you with this process.

⯆ What is the minimum number of radios I can hire?

If it is to work with an existing system - one, if it is a stand-alone system - two!

⯆ How much notice do I need to give to hire equipment?

Ideally as much as possible, especially during peak times. However, we always have stock available and we always do our best to help at short notice!

⯆ Do you offer insurance on the equipment?

No, this would be covered through your insurance. We can provide replacement costs if requested by your provider.

⯆ Do you charge full RRP for lost or damaged equipment?

No, we are fair on what we charge for lost and damaged equipment. We take into consideration the age of the equipment and its rateable value.

⯆ Do you offer credit accounts?

Yes of course – we have a credit application form and upon completion and the relevant checks carried out we welcome account hires.

⯆ We have multiple shows throughout the year, do you offer discount?

Yes, we cost each client upon their individual requirements so please get in touch for a bespoke package.

⯆ Do you provide onsite support during an event?

Yes, if communication is critical and you require an engineer onsite we can discuss the options available to you.

⯆ If equipment goes faulty what is the procedure?

Upon being notified, we will issue a replacement item. Upon receiving the faulty item back, we will investigate the fault and issue a report. If the fault is electrical/battery replacement this will be covered by the hire agreement.

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Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay

We were contacted by a number of Authorities and Organisations across the UK that were all looking for a radio system that would be used for their individual courses as the Olympic Torch made it's way around the UK leading up the Olympics.

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