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Case Study: Olympic Torch Relay

Customer - Various Authorities and Organisations across the UK

Requirements - We were contacted by a number of Authorities and Organisations across the UK that were all looking for a radio system that would be used for their individual courses as the Olympic Torch made it's way around the UK leading up the Olympics.

Each Authority and Organisation had it's own requirements, and a lot of planning on our part was required to ensure each system was installed and tested before each section of the course was reached. In some instances we had to provide systems to five Authorities or Organisations all on the same day, each wanting an independent system and some needing local working whilst others needed wide area working. We identified one factor that was crucial to each of them - critical communications: although the Relay sections were often short and only lasting minutes, it was crucial that the radio system provided was fail safe.

System Provided - A lot of planning was required in the run up to this event. We had to identify the most suitable system for each organiser, allocate equipment, locate sites for repeater units for those that needed wide area working, install the repeater units, program and check all equipment, deliver to and support each Relay section, off hire and de-install the repeater units....the list was endless!

On the Relays that required wide are working we installed battery back up units on every repeater so that we were not reliant on the main power source. Every hand portable was checked, charged and identified prior to delivery.

We provided an engineer on site for those that requested it, and our out of hours contact details for the Relays that took place on weekends and evenings.

Outcome - Our expertise was crucial in the planning and implementation of this event, especially as the Relay was taking place in the height of the event season. As a one off event we had to make sure we had enough hire stock for our hire customers as well as for the Relay event.

This event was a huge success for us, with every system implemented gaining high praise from the organiser it was supplied to. Since the Relay we have gone on to work with a number of the organisers again on other projects and are building relationships backed up by our customer service and reliability to deliver on every event.

Olympic Torch Relay
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