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Case Study: Fieldview Festival

Fieldview Festival takes place over a weekend but the build and break down period extends to a three week duration. A split delivery schedule keeps the cost down for the organiser. 

With the stages and camping areas extending over a large area, a Motorola SLR5500 repeater is required to boost the coverage. This system provides adequate channel groups for the event.

The power is provided through onsite generators and our installation team set up and take down the mast ensuring the coverage area required is achievable.

The noise cancelling microphones on the Motorola DP4400e hand portable cuts out the back ground noise ensuring speech is clearly transmitted. 

With a batch of spare batteries, the radios can be used through a 24 hour cycle for different shift rotas and cuts down on the number of charging units required.

Fieldview Festival
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Cardiff Half Marathon

Cardiff Half Marathon

Cardiff Half Marathon has grown into one of the largest and most exciting road races in the UK. It is Wales’ largest mass participation and multi-charity fundraising event.

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